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Here is a collection of some of the latest and forthcoming projects from Clarence The Kid.


More recent works can be found by clicking on the "Explore" button below.


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"Jorja Smith" (Live)

Unreleased track about commitment issues in relationships and struggling to find the "perfect" life partner.


"God" (Live)

Unreleased track about a conversation with a higher power about self-doubt and navigating road bumps on the path of life.


"Garden of Eden" (Live)

Unreleased track about finding completion in someone else's presence. (Song begins at the 0:36 mark).


"Sometimes" (Live from Cabin)

Unreleased song about struggling with social interaction and finding peace in the recesses of the mind.


15min Set (Anti-Social Bussdown)

A fifteen minute set of both released and unreleased songs including "stuck.", "Flicky", "night mode.", "EXHAUSTED !", "Six Months Later", and "Sometimes".

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