20 Years Young.

San Jose Native.

Creative Minded Genius.

Art Above Everything.

Kid At Heart.

kid at heart.

"I believe everyone can be a kid,” says up and coming rapper Clarence the Kid. “Everyone has an inner child locked up inside of them, buried behind an ever-growing pile of responsibilities and commitments that try to silence that part of your existence. My aim is to bring that child out. I think everyone is still a kid at heart.”



With this sort of optimistic mentality, a notebook full of rhymes, and a heart full of passion, CTK is infecting the rap game with his happy-go-lucky persona. The San Jose native is currently based in Los Angeles, where he worked with frequent collaborators Kabwasa, AZU, and Nina Ann of Citizen Queen on his debut mixtape "DIGITS" which dropped on May 19, 2017.



Since then he has been performing new songs at events across Southern California but otherwise laying low as he continues to work on his next projects.



Independent / Unsigned




Mitchell Alcoser





Joshua Smith



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